songs to the moon

My name is Laura, I'm 22. I love writing, and I love the idea that someone reads my writing/will read my writing someday. I love eating spoonfuls of Nutella.

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making a list of the 50 most beautiful songs (in my opinion, of course). Look for it :)

back at it

I’m back tumblr….lets see where this thing goes.

you’ve been on my mind

i grow fonder

lose myself in time

just thinking of your face

god only knows why its taken me so long

to let my doubts go

you’re the only one that i want

skintight-sins asked: first of all, thank you for the follow love. and second of all, i love the fact that you love writing. its exactly like me! x

wonderful :) writing is what keeps me sane these days!

dont say its over

Cause that’s the worst news I
could hear I swear that I will
Do my best to be here
just the way you like it
Even though its hard to hide
Push my feelings all aside
I will rearrange my plans and
change for you

If I could go back
That’s the first thing I would do
I swear that I would
Do my best to follow through
Come up with a master plan
A homerun hit, a winning stand
A gaurantee and not a promise
That I’ll never let your love
slip from my hands

If it’s the beaches
If it’s the beaches’ sands you want
Then you will have them
If it’s the mountains’ bending rivers
Then you will have them
If it’s the wish to run away
Then I will grant it
Take whatever you think of
While I go gas up the truck
Pack the old love letters up
We will read them when
we forget why we left here

how i spend my saturday

how i spend my saturday

im frightened by those who dont see it

lilfield asked: following you, can you follow me back? :D xx

absolutely dahling :)